Welcome to my personal Scientific Research Website!

Hello! I am Mathias Louboutin, a scientific researcher and software developer with a passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. With extensive expertise in various scientific domains and a strong background in software development, I am dedicated to advancing research and solving complex problems through cutting-edge technology.

I am a Senior Solution Architect at Devito Codes Ltd where I specialize in exploration geophysics and hpc open source software development for PDE constraints inverse problems. My expertise lies in programming with Python and Julia, as well as utilizing Cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Research Interests

My research interests range from applied mathematics to exascale HPC. Some of my current research topics and software developments include:

  • Machine Learning: I am actively working on developing computational methods for machine learning, particularly leveraging randomized linear algebra techniques to enhance the performance and applications of machine learning algorithms in diverse scientific domains.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): With a focus on HPC for task parallel exascale problems, such as photoacoustic or seismic imaging, I am dedicated to developing cutting-edge HPC solutions to accelerate scientific simulations and data processing for large-scale scientific problems.
  • Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs): As one of the primary developers of Devito, specifically its symbolic APIs, and the main developer of JUDI, a linear algebra DSL for PDE constraints optimization built on top of Devito, I am passionate about creating domain-specific languages (DSLs) for scientific computing to streamline complex workflows and optimize code efficiency.
  • PDE-Constrained Optimization and Inverse Problems: I specialize in developing methods and algorithms for solving wave-equation-based inverse problems, such as photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging in medical applications, or subsurface imaging in exploration geophysics, by utilizing state-of-the-art PDE-constrained optimization techniques.
  • Cloud Computing: Given my extensive experience in developing large-scale algorithms for cloud computing, particularly on the Azure platform, I have been actively involved in leveraging cloud resources to accelerate computations for industry-sized problems in scientific research.

Contact Me

I am always eager to collaborate on research projects, discuss ideas, and explore new opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to me by email to connect or inquire about potential collaborations. Let’s work together to drive scientific research and software development forward!